First impressions -Lacura Face Care Hyaluronic Activator 


Skin care brand Lacura from Aldi seems to be goin from strength to strength. Gaining a solid fan base, Lacura offers the ingredients and technology used in much higher end products, but at a fraction of the price.

Unlucky for me, I missed out on their Caviar range last month, which was tipped to be a good match for the La Prairie caviar face cream – but costing only £6.99 per 50 ml instead of La Prairies £292 per 50ml.Wowzers.

After spotting the Hyaluronic acid products in their special buys this month, I decided to give the Hyaluronic activator a go. It claims to stimulates the skins own production of Hyaluronic acid, which is known to allow the skin to retain much more moisture to reduce the look of fine lines and ageing. The other ingredients, including sea algae and ginger extract, give the skin a plumped up glow.


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Lip Balm Low-Down #2

sunshine and teacups

Hello everybody, I thought it was about time I did an updated Lip Balm Low-Down as I am a total lip balm addict and love testing out lots of different ones. I’ve also changed my opinion on a couple of the balms from my previous post so I  wanted to chat through those too!

Okay so first off; the NUXEreve de miel ultra-nourishing balm. This used to be an absolute favourite of mine but i’ve really gone off this recently. I think it’s because this is more of a matte balm which doesn’t feel as nice to apply. Yes it does nourish but it’s definitely not a ‘quick fix’ lip balm. I mostly use this at night just before I go to sleep which works really well.

My absolute favourite all time lip balms have to be the Nature’s Soapbeeswax lip balms. These are incredible and…

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A Tale of Two Nappy Creams

It’s taken me a while to cotton on to the new nappy cream beauty secret, and I have Mrs Strawberry Blonde ( to thank for the realisation – thank you, Mrs SB! The rest of you probably know this already but, if you don’t, then nappy cream is absolutely ideal for clearing up spots and acne, and soothing blemishes.

That said, my journey towards Spot-Free Heaven has proved a little tricky as the first product I picked up to try was Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream:

Calendula nappy change cream

I tried – oh, how I tried! – and at first it actually seemed to be doing some good. I don’t wear it as a mask at all as I understand that doing so ends up making the skin worse – so I’ve just been putting it on my spots. Like all nappy creams (apparently) it doesn’t sink into the skin without some persuasion – but oh the smell is really truly horrid, I have to warn you! Those of you born and brought up in the countryside will no doubt remember well the terrible and distinctive smell a dying bird caught in the wall of an old house makes. The smell of Calendula is very much like this, but distilled and sweeter. Yuk! Honestly, I have no idea how the poor babies cope. I gave up on this one in the end.

Determined to have another go, I turned to the truly wonderful Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream – for nappy rash, eczema, surface wounds, sunburn, minor burns, acne, and chilblains.


Now this one is the Real McCoy for me! I’m telling you my skin gave a sigh of relief the moment I put it onto my skin – though actually after the Weleda one, anything would be a relief! – and it’s been sorting my spots out pretty darn well ever since. Today, I think I even  looked presentable in public, hurrah! The smell is light, pleasant and somehow reassuring, and it also melts into the skin a little easier too – though not as well as non-nappy creams of course.

So, I’m ditching the Weleda one and putting all my hope into Sudocrem – thank you once more, Mrs SB!

Anne Brooke



100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free – Superdrug Clearly Youthful Hydrating Day Serum

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Hi there! Today’s post is about Superdrug’s Clearly Youthful Hydrating Day Serum. I’ve used this serum on and off for about six weeks now, and I’ve reached my verdict.🙂

But before we get to the review, let me tell you what this serum is supposed to do. First of all, this serum is aimed at women who want to tackle skin ageing and skin impurities at the same time. This serum contains spot-fighting salicylic acid, anti-shine cimicifuga, and lactic acid, phytoprotein and polyglycan – three ingredients which are said to have anti-ageing properties.
Superdrug Clearly Youthful Day Serum
So how does it work? This serum is supposed to be applied twice daily – morning and night. I found this instruction a bit odd because this is a day serum, and there is a separate night serum in the Clearly Youthful range. But if this is what Superdrug recommends…

OK, so I started to…

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5 Faves in August

Makeup and Skin care for 40+ women

August is almost at an end and I have looked over the products I used this month and identified my top 5 favorite items. These are products that I use regularly and don’t think of when I am thinking about my monthly favorites. I tend to talk about those products that I am using to address something specific that month. Only 1 of these products is one that I use to address shine in hot and humid weather. The other 4 are products that I use at least weekly, if not daily.

Clinique Stay Matte Foundation – Tested for streaking and fading at 88°F with a constant 80% humidity, all to prove Stay-Matte stays fresh. At the same time, this patent-pending formula absorbs shine, controls oil, resists sweat. And you stay matte all day. This is my go to foundation once it gets hot and humid outside. It controls…

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100% Cruelty-Free – Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel-Off Mask

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel OffHi there! If you read Monday’s post, you know that I’ve got a ridiculous amount of face masks. But I’m tackling my stash by using one mask every four to six days (as usual) – and by not stocking up on any more face masks (that’s new).

Today I’m telling you about my experience with Montagne Jeunesse’s Passion Peel-Off Mask.

First of all, this mask is available for around £1. But I found Montagne Jeunesse face mask duos (yes, that’s two masks!) at Poundland (where the Passion Peel-Off mask is teamed up with the brilliant Lemon Zest mask).

But back to the Passion Peel-Off Mask. The first thing I noticed is that this mask smelled exactly like Superdrug’s Fruit Sorbet Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask.

So I checked the ingredients of both face masks, and I found the first third (or so) of the listed ingredients is…

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Beauty Hoarder Problems – Part 1: Too Much Of Everything

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Hi there! Today’s post is different from my usual posts. Since I’m a self-confessed bargain hunter and beauty (and toiletries) hoarder, I have a lot of everything. Nail polish, skin care, face washes… you name it! I’m not deluding myself. I know I have more beauty stuff than anyone could reasonably need at any given time. But thanks to the blogosphere I know I’m not the only one (Hi Stashy!) whose beauty drawers and boxes are filled to the brim. But now, let’s look at three things I consider problematic…
Stash Masks 1
1 I have more face masks than my local drugstore. Yes, I’m sure. I’ve got more than 80 face masks in sachets, mainly from Superdrug and Montagne Jeunesse. I know that even if I were to do two face masks every week, my stash would last me for more than nine months. Oh, and I’ve also got a few face…

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