Dr. Jart Water Drop Moisturizer

Makeup and Skin Care for Mature Skin

I received a sample of Dr. Jart Water Drop Moisturizer in my Birchbox July 2016. It is a generous 1.7 oz tube. I was finishing up my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel which was part of Vacation Beauty Buys and had to wait to try this. The Clinique is a regular part of my A.M. Skincare Routine and is possibly my favorite moisturizer ever.

I was excited to get this because I am fascinated by the whole k-beauty craze. So much so that I actually tried a Month of Asian Skincare to see what all the fuss/buzz was about. I did not use the Dr. Jart Water Drop during that month. I stuck with samples rather than opening a large tube.

The Dr. Jart website provides the following information on this moisturizer:

What it is:
A hydration-replenishing formula to provide long-lasting moisture and brighten dull-looking skin.

Solutions for:
– Dryness

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#MaskaDayinMay 5/19 – 5/22

Makeup and Skin Care for Mature Skin

I am over 2/3 of the way through #MaskaDayinMay and I have stuck to my plan to use a different mask each day in May. I have used a variety of masks designed to address a variety of issues. So far my skin does look more hydrated and plump. At times it does look brighter. But I have breakouts on the right side of my face. I don’t know if it is mask related or not. I stuck to mostly sheet masks during this period.

Friday, 5/19 – Suremedic Pore-Less Carbonic Peel. This is a sheet mask that I got in my Monster Sheet Mask Haul a few months back. This mask was on sale for $1 and was the first black sheet mask I have used. I liked this and if I catch it on sale again I will buy more.

Saturday, 5/20 – Malie Vitamin Ultra Hydrating Essence…

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Treacle Moon That Vanilla Moment Bath And Shower Gel

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

treacle-moon-that-vanilla-moment-2Hi there! Today’s post is about Treacle Moon’s That Vanilla MomentBath And Shower Gel. My husband and I call it amazingness in a bottle. 🙂

I’ve been avoiding Treacle Moon products for years. I have nothing against the brand – au contraire! I do think the brand is actually very quirky.

However, I just somehow made the decision to ignore all things Treacle Moon. I guess it was some anti-hoarding impulse that kicked in… 😀

Anyway, now the shower gel is mine, and I’ve given it a try! I think this shower gel is lovely. The vanilla fragrance isn’t a pure vanilla. I think it’s a mix of vanilla and yoghurt with a hint of lemon.

This shower gel smells sweet and refreshing at the same time. And I love the non-drying formula. I’m very happy with this product!

I would recommend this shower gel to everyone! Treacle…

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#MaskaDayinMay 5/17-5/19

Makeup and Skin Care for Mature Skin

This is an update of #MaskaDayinMay and is my recent masks. My face is not totally loving all the sheet masks. I am having some breakouts on my cheek and I feel like to must be related to my masks. For the next few days, I am going to work in some clay masks to see if that helps. It is getting really warm here in Virginia and that is causing my skin to be more combination than normal. Read on to see what masks I used as I continue my plan to mask every day in May.

Tuesday, May 17 – Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask. I did a full review of this mask here. I originally did not like it at all but after using it a few times I like it better than I did at first. It did a good job of taking away…

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Target Beauty Box May 2017

Makeup and Skin Care for Mature Skin

Target offers a beauty box each month that sells for either $7 or $10. It is sold online and when it sells out it is gone. You can see what I have received in previous boxes here, hereand here. This month’s box was $10 and was limited to 1 per customer which was new. Read on to see what came in this month’s box.

Nexxus Shampoo & Conditioner- 1 each, .3 oz. Caviar Protein Complex helps replenish moisture to dry, brittle hair for a mane that’s soft and smooth. I may save this for vacation. These little foil packets are good for travel. Nexxus is a good brand.

ACURE Pore-Minimizing Red Clay Mask- 1 oz. Moroccan red clay draws out impurities while argan stem cells hydrate and tone for a bright complexion. Tip: Remove mask before it dries completely to get all the benefits without over-drying skin. Y’all…

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Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Review

Makeup and Skin Care for Mature Skin

Dream Liquid® Mousse full coverage foundation delivers the look of completely poreless skin. Achieve the look of completely poreless skin with a smooth airbrushed finish. Lightweight and breathable, this up to 16-hour liquid foundation delivers cake-free, full coverage that moisturizes all day.

I found this foundation at a Big Lots store for $1.50. I bought it on a whim because it was so cheap and the shade looked like it might work. It sells for between $7 and $9 depending on where you buy it. I got it in the Shade Classic Ivory and it is a good match for me. It does not run pink at all. I have yellow undertones and have to have yellow toned shades. My skin is normal but can get shiny by the end of the day.

wp-1489250066023.jpg Yes, I am brave enough (or stupid enough) to post my bare face. This is with my moisturizer…

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The Best 50p I Ever Spent – Manhattan Tasty Lips Lipgloss American Grapefruit

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Hi there! Today’s post is a short one. And it’s about this clear Manhattan Tasty Lips Lipgloss with American Grapefruit flavour. This lipgloss was part of a £1 Manhattan Cosmetics duo pack (lipgloss + eyeshadow duo) at Bargain Buys!

I already lost the eyeshadow duo – well, it’s somewhere in my stash – I just have no idea where it could be. 🙂 But let’s focus on the lipgloss…

I think this lipgloss is fantastic! The gloss is clear, there’s no sparkle (Yay!), it’s very hydrating but it doesn’t feel too sticky. And the grapefruit flavour is… the ultimate yummy grapefruit flavour! It’s perfect. It’s dreamy. I love it! I will have to go back to Bargain Buys to see if I can find more. Wish me luck, OK? 🙂

Have you tried this lipgloss? Feel free to comment. And thanks for reading!

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