100% Awesome – Astor Lipliner Pencil 014 Bronze A.K.A. The Perfect Matte Nude Lippie For 50p

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Hi there! Today’s post is about my favourite lipliner, Astor Lipliner Pencil 014 Bronze. I found this fantastic lipliner at Poundworld – where it was part of a duo pack (yes, that’s 2 products for £1). And in fact, I own at least 10 of these lipliners. Why? Well, each duo pack contained 1 lipliner and 1 nail polish. I know I don’t have to say any more, but I’ll do it anyway… of course they had lots of different nail colours, and (unsurprisingly) I had to have all these nail colours. So I ended up with lots of lipliners!
Now why is this lipliner so amazing? Ha, that’s easy! Look at it! The colour is the most amazing nude bronze with the most amazing velvet matt finish I’ve ever seen. I love it! And because of this I usually use this lipliner on its own. Yes, I use…

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My Envy Box – September Travel Edition Review

Review on The go

​Hello, I have been busy lately due to my exams. Anyways, how are you guys doing?

I recently received the EnvyBox, which I am drooling my eyes over.

       Products are worth more than 1800, but the box is just for INR 850

In this box, I got the Cal Mascara (which is my favourite) -12ml for INR 450/- (Full Size)
C.A.L. is a brand from Los Angeles

Cal – Lipgloss : One of the long lasting Lipgloss , I have ever used. It is the perfect match for your eye-catching Lehngas.

Cal Lipgloss- 10ml for INR 450/-(Full Size)

Må Earth Botanicals – Rose Facial Scrub

Må Earth Botanicals Rose Facial Scrub – 40gms for INR 275/-

Kronokare- City Detox Face Wash

It’s a super gentle face wash,which cleanses the skin, making it smooth and soft
Kronokare-City Detox Face Wash 30ml for INR 125.

TRUUTH – Beauty Formula…

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September Empties

Makeup and Skin care for 40+ women

Fall is here so this is the last of my summer items. Next month will have heavier, creamier products to protect skin in cooler weather. I like fall but I hate that it reminds me that winter is coming. Brrrr. September was about the bath and body products and that is the bulk of my empties. I have mentioned here and here that I have hoarded bath and body products for years and now I am trying to use them up or throw them away if they are unusable. I will start with bath and body products since that is most of my empties this month.

wp-1475017029532.jpgBATH AND BODY

Mary Kay terme d’isola Moisturizing Body lotion – Hydrating body lotion, with the exclusive Mediterranean Complex, enriches skin with essential moisture. Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel & Olive Oils; Chamomile Extract – Soothe and hydrate skin. Vitamin E derivative – Moisturizes and protects…

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Sexy, Earthy, Lip Colours from Lime Crime Cosmetics – Guest Post

Lime Crime Cosmetics offers a treasure trove of lip, eye, and nail colors artistically designed for the adventurous at heart. One outstanding, unique lip color collection that is generating buzz this season is Lime Crime’s “Livin On A Prairie” lip color set. This collection features colours to go with any outfit and your every mood.

With five popular shades in the “Livin On A Prairie” collection like the dusky nude color “Prairie” or “Thistle”, which is a delicate grey-blue, you can wear a new shade each day. If rich earthy red is your fancy, check out the “Rustic” lip hue. Or how about “Wisteria”, which is a powerful yet oh so feminine lilac shade? If you’re feeling like taking a trip to the Old West, why not try the rusty brown colour “Saddle” which goes with so many of the new autumn and winter fashions? These lip colours go…

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Crowd Colour personalised matte lips

sunshine and teacups

Hi everyone, today I thought I would show you a really cute product I got recently from the company Crowd Colour. They are a website which specialise in personalising lipsticks and matte lips as well as other items.  I think this is such a good idea and would make a really lovely present for someone too!


On their website you can design how you want the lipstick to look, from the background to the text. I had a lot of fun choosing the font (anyone else obsessed with fonts??). I found that the background I chose which included yellow polka dots didn’t really show up on the finished product, but i’m not too worried as I think the text looks really effective anyway.

There are 6 different matte lip shades to choose from, and I chose the shade 7003 which is a lot lighter than I thought it would be…

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Garnier Ultimate Blends The Shine Revitaliser Shampoo & Conditioner

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve touched Garnier hair products. That’s because Garnier’s The Marvellous Transformer (which I wouldn’t touch again if you paid me) and The Silky Smoother (which smells great – but that’s all it does) disappointed me big time.

But when I saw Garnier Ultimate Blends The Shine Revitaliser Shampoo & Conditioner for £1 each at a bargain store, I thought I’d give Garnier another chance. If you read on, I’ll tell you what the shampoo and the conditioner are like.
Garnier Lemon Green Tea
The shampoo is very nice. It feels clarifying, but it’s not harsh. It actually feels great on my head! The conditioner is surprisingly good too. I didn’t expect much, but it actually detangles my curls nicely. And this 200ml conditioner is already lasting me for longer than the 400ml Garnier conditioners I’ve previouly had. Well done, Garnier. Seriously, well done!

In regards to the…

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Tea Tree and a Bit of a Rip-Off

Here are the products I loved this week:


The Avene Eau Thermale is a facial spray I’ve used for a long time and I really love it – it’s very soothing and I tend to use it several times a day, whatever the season. It’s only £3 from Boots, so well worth it.

I’ve used a couple of masks this week – one is the Innisfree Real Squeeze Bija Mask – which confused me as I didn’t realise it was a sheet mask until I opened it up. However, it’s very soothing indeed and I shall definitely buy more of that one. The other advantage is that you can wear it at the same time as brushing your teeth and it doesn’t slip off, hurrah! What could be better, LOL? NB I bought this one as part of a really cheap set from eBay so that’s good too.

The Montagne Jeunesse Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask is also very cleansing but not in a horrid way -though I must say peel-off masks aren’t my favourite, I will be buying this one again as it made my skin feel refreshed and ready for action. And that’s a rarity at any level! It costs £1 from Boots, but they’re doing a 5 for £4 deal at the moment so I’d stock up if I were you.

Keeping to the tea-tree theme, I’ve just finished using the Boots Tea Tree Cream– which I use for keeping my spots under control in the mornings (I use a stronger product in the evening for overnight healing). I really do like this cream and I will buy it again. It’s priced at £4.39 for 30ml, but there’s a 3-for-2 offer for herbal products and complementary medicines at Boots.

I’ve also been trying out the Dove Invisible Dry roll-on Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, which is good as it doesn’t leave white marks on my clothes like Mum Deodorant always does. Yes, I think Mum is probably better at keeping me entirely sweat-free, but Dove isn’t bad and at least it’s doesn’t ruin my clothes! This costs £2.30, but Boots are doing a 2 for £3 offer on it, hurrah.

My final favourite of this week is by far the best – I bought a sample product of Dermalogica Ultra-Calming Barrier Repair recently just to have a go – though I know Dermalogica is very expensive and it’s the slippery slope to bankruptcy, LOL. Much to my purse’s horror, it’s TOTALLY brilliant – I use it in the morning after toner and before adding my moisturiser and it just creates an amazing barrier across the skin which feels wonderful and is totally invisible. I LOVE it. I have already bought a full-size version, eek! It’s £36.90 for 30ml (double yikes and call my bank manager) but you can get it cheaper elsewhere if you search the Interweb thingy and it is SO GOOD.

Products Which Have Disappointed Me:


I’ve already spoken about my disappointment with the Soap & Glory Smooch Operator Lip Balm, but have now finished this jar and it didn’t really impress me any more than at the beginning – which is a shame as I normally rate S&G very highly indeed. Yes, it became easier to get out and onto my lips by the time I was halfway through, but it wasn’t anything above average, in my view. It’s priced at £5.00 which is WAY too much for the minuscule size of jar, but you can buy one and get a second S&G product half price at Boots, so you might want to give it a go? Needless to say, I won’t be joining you …

The funny little pink & silver foil package in the picture isn’t a really odd shaped condom (perish the thought!) but a sample of Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream – no I’d not heard of them either, but they’re very big in Korea, which is where it’s all happening in the beauty world, I gather. My big problem with it was that I got terribly confused and thought it was a serum so put it on instead of my morning moisturiser and was deeply bamboozled, until I got my glasses out and read the packet properly, deep sigh! What am I like?!? There’s nothing wrong with it, as far as I can tell, but at £54.99(!!) at Amazon, it doesn’t inspire me to rush out and buy it, even in order to use it properly!

However the biggest swizzle-stick disappointment of my week was my ‘sample’ of the new Charlotte Tilbury Scent of A Dream perfume. Call me an old fool (many do), but when I think of sample perfumes, I think of actual mini-handbag size tubes that you can get three or four decent sprays out of. This however is just a piece of card that you have to rub to get the scent off so can’t even put it onto your skin!! How are you supposed to know if it suits you or not? When I pressed my nose to the card, it’s a pretty decent scent – though remarkably like the other 150 million scents there are around, but I was so annoyed by the ‘sample scam’ that I couldn’t be bothered to pay £49 for a 30ml bottle. Who would, harrumph? It certainly hasn’t filled me with the ‘light, power and positivity’ it’s supposed to give me, and in my view a good bottle of champagne will give you far more l, p & p and at half the price, hey ho.

Have a great week!

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