I Love… Lemons & Limes, Vanilla & Ice Cream, Sugared Cranberries Bath & Shower Crèmes

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Hi there! Not too long ago I found a few cute I Love… gift sets at my local Asda. Each set contained six different shower gels (100ml each). And there were two different sets to choose from – one of these sets was Christmas-themed, the other one contained summery and fruity shower gels.

The fragrances in the fruity set were Coconut & Cream (I don’t like coconuts), Strawberries & Cream (I don’t like strawberry aromas in toiletries), Mango & Papaya (I have a big 500ml bottle of this one), Raspberry & Blackberry (I have several full size bottles), Lemons & Limes and Vanilla & Ice Cream. Only the last two shower gels were new (and interesting) to me, so I kept these. I gave the remaining four shower gels to a teenage relative.

So today I’ll tell you if I Love… Lemons & Limes and Vanilla & Ice…

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Ipsy Bag October 2016

Makeup and Skin care for 40+ women

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that is $10 per month. Each month you get 5 samples that range from small samples to deluxe samples to the occasional full-size product. You get makeup, skincare, hair care, beauty tools, and bath and body products packed inside a different makeup bag each month. I generally enjoy this subscription and have gotten some great products. See bags from past months herehere, and here. The theme this month is Black Magic and the bag is so cute! It is a decent bag of samples this month.

noyah Natural Lipstick in Smoke – Like buttah. This incredibly smooth and moisturizing formula glides on and leaves a lovely semi-matte finish. Decadence on the daily. Vitamin B and shea butter plump and hydrate. Lightweight with staying power. Lasts from morning coffee to happy hour. For me, Smoke is a nude shade that is…

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100% Cruelty-Free – Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel OffHi there! Today’s post is about Montagne Jeunesse’s Cucumber Peel-Off Mask.

I know opinions on this one are mixed, and now that I’ve tried this mask, I have to say my own opinion is mixed too!

Let’s start with the good: This mask is like every other peel-off mask. You apply it, you let it dry, you peel it off, you rinse off the residue – and then you can admire your clear and soft skin.

Another good thing is that this face mask is 100% cruelty-free – it’s BUAV-approved and it carries the Leaping Bunny logo!

However, the mask stinks. Big time! I’d describe its smell as boozy – and very strong. I can’t even smell a hint of cucumber.

If this mask were much better than other random peel-off masks, I might be able to get over its unpleasant smell. However, it’s not better than other masks…

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Review: The Balm – Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks 


Why did I only buy this now!? Why!!!!

I’ve known The Balm for quite some time now but I never really owned one and tried their products yet (just now!). Their packaging caught my attention. It’s so cute!!! Until one day, I decided to get a hold of their liquid lipstick and the ever famous Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter.i got 3 shades of their Matt(e) Liquid lipsticks. I have Committed, Sincere and Trustworthy. (sounds like my husband!! *wink hahah cute names, right!?)

Product Description: Introducing a truly loyal long-lasting liquid lipstick – Meet Matt(e) Hughes. With 12 dreamy shades to choose from, you can take your pick from this hopelessly devoted collection. This long-wearing formula has a comfortable matte finish with no commitment issues. This matte vanilla mint liquid lipsticks are stuck on you without feeling clingy!


  • Pigmented and opaque
  • Vanilla mint scent
  • Long lasting!!! (I tried using this for…

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A Hair & Teeth Week

Products I Don’t Like


This week I’m afraid I’ve taken against the Innisfree Bija Mask – as though it’s nice enough, sheet masks are still a bit of a faff all round – I’m happier with normal masks so I won’t be restocking on this one after all. It is good for sensitive or congested skin so if you like sheet masks, then this is one to consider. You can get it from eBay for £1.89, postage free.

I started off really liking the Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner but I soon got a bit bored with the scent and struggled to finish it. My verdict is it’s okay but I have other more interesting hair conditioners. It’s available at Boots for £1.00 only so a real bargain.

I don’t have anything drastic against the No 7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away primer as it does the trick but not as well as other primers. Its main and unsurmountable problem is that it costs £16.50(!!) for only 30ml at Boots – so way overpriced to my mind. Then again, it’s currently part of a 3-for-2 offer so you could get it free if you can find anything you want in Boots that is more expensive. Good luck with that, LOL. There are other alternatives out there, girls!

Products I Like


Teeth! Teeth are my bugbear at the moment (no, don’t ask!…) but I would NEVER be without my trusty Dentyl Active mouthwash – a lovely minty taste and it’s alcohol-free, which is very important to me. If I’m going to put alcohol down my gullet, then I want it be the Real Thing, not a health product with it added. It costs £1.30 at Boots – though currently out of stock online – and it really does the trick. Watch that plaque go!

I started off not liking the Olay Anti-Wrinkle Booster and Firming Serum – now I can’t live without it, so thank you very much to ever-lovely Mrs Strawberry Blonde for tipping me off on this one! I use it on my face in the evening and it just smooths out my skin ready for the evening make-up touch-up. Bliss! More than that, it’s now HALF-PRICE at Boots at only £4.99 so grab your bottle now!

I’ve used Rimmel’s Hide The Blemish Concealer (Ivory) for years now and it’s a pretty decent standby – these days, I’ve got other better concealers I totally rely on and which do a wonderful job, but this one is like an old friend I can’t quite let go. I’ll always love it and it’s well worth a try-out, but I suspect I won’t be restocking it once my supply has run out, sob! It will cost you £3.99 at Boots.

A new discovery for me is L’Oreal Perfect Match Foundation in Ivory Rose (1R1C) – I picked up a sample size very cheaply at eBay and have enjoyed using this one – it blends into the skin superbly well, covering all my imperfections (hey, let’s not list those then, LOL!!) and stays on pretty decently too. I’ve now bought a full-sized bottle, also from eBay as it’s cheaper than at Boots (£9.99 for 30ml, though there is a 3-for-2 deal on L’Oreal products at Boots …), and will look forward to getting that soon. I am indeed a TOTAL Foundation Tart!

Anne Brooke Books


Korean Beauty Edit

sunshine and teacups

Hi guys, if you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that a while ago I did a post in which I tried out some Korean beauty products and gave you my first impressions. Well, the website Glamour Flare that sent me the products to try is now stocking a new brand so I got loads of new stuff to try out and share with you.

After trying out all of this K beauty I have definitely found my favourite products so here’s my little ‘edit’ of some of the best products I tried out!


The new brand i’ve tried out is The Saem. I’m actually so impressed with the products i’ve tried, and here are some of my favourites.

This brand has a harakeke skincare range and i’ve been using the three step system for a good few weeks and i’ve already seen an improvement in my…

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Review: Lush – Mask of Magnaminty


I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about this one but that didn’t stop me from getting it. And can I just say, this mask is one of the best.

I love it! I’ve been using a lot of masks before but I never encountered something like this.  You can see the result after using it. Yup,  that fast.  It’s really refreshing and it has aduki beans that acts as an exfoliant.  This is suitable for oily/ acne prone skin.

Product description: Masks of Magnaminty  isn’t technically a daily facial wash. It’s actually a deep cleansing face and back mask. China clarify and preshrunk peppermint reach deep down to pull the debris from your pores, giving you that delightful tingly-clean sensation. We add loads of a duking beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe. Our investors created Mask of Magnaminty to…

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