Una Brennan Super Facialist Probiotic Range

Superfacialist Probiotic

I’ve been having additional trouble with my skin lately and I think I’m probably making it worse by panicking and trying lots of extra products to try and solve the problems – I read yesterday that this doesn’t help at all, so I’ve decided to concentrate on keeping things simple. However, when shopping at Boots Online, I saw the Super Facialist Probiotic Skin Recovery Day Cream by Una Brennan and popped it into my basket. The price wasn’t bad, and actually the product itself is really quite good. In fact, it’s the only thing my skin doesn’t seem to object to at the moment and it feels lovely when I smooth it on. It’s also calming things down which is fabulous.

So I’m going to carry on using it and go easy on the other stuff and see what happens. I’d like to try the Overnight Skin Recovery Cream as well but I’ve nothing else to buy at Boots at the moment, and I hate ordering just one product online. However, if I’m actually near a real-life Boots at some point, I’ll definitely pick one up – but nothing else, in order to give my poor skin a chance!

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