Seasonal Favourites Autumn 2015

Mami și Zâna

Seasonal Favourites Autumn 2015 anniesbeautyblogThis is the easiest favourites post I had to write in my almost two years of blogging!

I’m sure that you, my beautiful readers know already what I’m talking about! And the feedback from you was worth all the effort I put in each and every one of them! Thank you for always being so receptive and kind to me! It means the world!

In the past few couple of months you were able to see a huge amount of posts on dark lipsticks! I bet at times you got bored of dark lipstick swatches… But let me tell you this: it’s been a real pleasure and and some of the most fun blog posts to write and to photograph!

I wrote about NARS’ Ingrid and Deborah, Charlotte Tilbury’s Glastonberry, Estée Lauder’s Desirous and YSL’s Grenat Satisfaction. I even wrote about a high street option that took…

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