O Wow to No Wow

o wow brush

I bought the O Wow make-up brush a fortnight ago on the recommendation of the Beauty Editor in the Saturday Telegraph (who usually can do no wrong). Normally I just use my fingers to blend my make-up but on the basis of her rave review, I thought: why not? I know I can always do with an upgrade when it comes to my beauty routine.

The first time I used this brush, I thought it was utterly brilliant and I did in fact say ‘oh wow’ when I looked at my reflection in the mirror. It certainly made a difference and I almost had a model-like glow, which at my age (nearly 52) is pretty impressive.

However, the weird thing is that, after that first time, the o wow brush made either no difference at all or – horrors! – it made my skin look worse, and I had to rescue the look with my trusty finger blending. I tried all sorts of things with that dang brush – using circular movements on my skin, up and down, left to right and back again, but sadly to no avail. So I am now severely disappointed with the money I’ve spent on this, I have to say …

My confidence rather knocked for six, I limped over to Amazon reviews to see if it was just me who was weird, but I see that there are a significant number of women like me who’ve given this brush a go and found it a real disaster – so at least I’m not as alone as I thought!

As a result, I won’t be using this brush again and have chalked the whole thing up to experience. I’m back to blending make-up with my fingers once more and feeling okay about it – though I have now bought a very cheap make-up sponge and am waiting for that to be delivered, to see if I can still improve things. After all, you never know your luck, LOL!

Have a great weekend

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