DHC Beauty All Stars: The Big Reveal

DHC Velvet Skin Coat

I received a taster pack of DHC products (DHC Beauty All Stars – the Big Reveal) when I purchased some products online at Escentual Beauty – a site which is definitely worth a look especially as they’re doing a one-third discount offer on French products in July so don’t miss out! Anyway, when I got my package, I also received this taster sample set from DHC, a company I’d not heard of before.

The products and my reactions were as follows, though bear in mind these were only sachets with enough for one or two tries:

Deep Cleansing Oil: apparently this worldwide bestselling olive oil make up remover completely dissolves all dirt and cosmetics from your face – and I’m sure it does as it’s truly tacky and feels far too sticky on the skin so anything on your skin will probably give up in despair, LOL! It was hard to test as it all came out of the sachet at once and took over the sink, but I did my best. It just didn’t feel nice and I won’t be adding to its bestseller status any time soon.

Extra Nighttime Moisture: this one tells me the antioxidant and collagen-rich hydrator reinforces the skin’s defences whilst you’re asleep so you wake up with a refreshed, dewy complexion in the morning. Umm, no you don’t, and I thought this was the worst product of the pack – it was very ordinary indeed and made no difference to my skin in any way.

Facial Scrub: the description says it’s a one-of-a-kind apricot seed scrub which is finely milled to effectively exfoliate whilst treating skin gently. No, it’s not!! Actually, it’s really rough and made my skin red and sore, so I couldn’t wash the pesky stuff off quick enough. And would it come off easily? No, it flipping wouldn’t, and an hour later, I was still picking the grains off the side of my neck, yuk! And I don’t even know how they got there … One to avoid, I’m telling you.

Velvet Skin Coat: at last! A success from DHC, well gosh (and hence the reason for the pic at the top) – the blurb on this primer tells me it fills in lines, camouflages pores and stops shine for a flawless complexion. And, good grief and crack open the champagne, but I think it really does what it says on the tin! This was a very good primer and made me much more confident with my make up that day. I think I’ll buy this one in a proper size and see how I get on.

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2 thoughts on “DHC Beauty All Stars: The Big Reveal

  1. Mrs Strawberry Blonde July 17, 2016 / 1:19 am

    Brilliant post. And I love, love, love your writing. 🙂

    The primer sounds great but everything else… yikes! Especially the scrub… I think it’s not OK that manufacturers still use crushed apricot seed and crushed walnut shells in facial scrubs. That stuff is way too harsh for anyone’s facial skin because it causes tiny cuts on the skin surface which (due to bacteria) can lead to pimples – and it usually does. It’s no surprise so many women think they have developed adult acne and there’s nothing that helps. So they use harsh scubs more often and then they’re trapped in a vicious circle…

    I used to love harsh scrubs, but I’ve given up on them a while ago after I’ve seen the tiny cuts on my temples in a magnifying mirror. It was shocking! It looked like these round scratch marks you can sometimes see on wooden tables… so whenever I accidentally buy a face scrub which contains apricot seeds or walnut shells, I’ll use it on my body only where the skin is much thicker. The result? Since I’ve stopped using harsh scrubs on my face I’ve gone from having at least one pimple at any time to having the occasional pimple only. It really made a huge difference!

    My friend Janine at A Beautiful Whim has written a wonderful post about harsh scrubs (St Ives). She’ll never use them again. She’s done her research, she focuses on many ingredients, and her post is definitely worth reading. I’ve even bookmarked it:

    At the moment I’m using Superdrug’s Simply Pure scrub and Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant micro polish scrub. They’re really good. They don’t give my face the ‘St Ives treatment’, but they don’t contain apricot seeds or walnut shells, so my face is safe from injury. 🙂

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    • annebrooke July 17, 2016 / 6:42 am

      Thank you, Mrs SB! 🙂 And HUGE thanks about the scrub information – I had no idea!! Cuts on your skin??? – truly horrific!!! ==:O I usually avoid scrubs anyway, but will definitely not be tempted now by the apricot and walnut ones … Will give the Superdrug ones a look though, so thanks for the tip. Am off to visit Janine’s post now 🙂 🙂 xxx

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