Nivea Invisible Deodorant

nivea invisible

I bought this deodorant as I’m keen to get something that doesn’t stain clothing but does the job effectively. It promises me 48 hour freshness and no staining. Well, the no staining definitely works as far as I can tell, but it must the be worst anti-perspirant deodorant I’ve ever made the mistake of trying – though possibly not as bad as the one many years ago that brought me out in a very itchy rash, yuk!

Honestly, this product never actually gets dry and so you’re carrying round a wet sticky mess on your underarms all day long and I’m really sure I was a bit whiffy at one point – or possibly several! – in my day, so apologies to my work colleagues for that …

Anyway, I’ve not finished it and I definitely won’t be repurchasing, so my search for a good anti-perspirant which doesn’t stain continues … Wish me luck!

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