First impressions -Lacura Face Care Hyaluronic Activator 


Skin care brand Lacura from Aldi seems to be goin from strength to strength. Gaining a solid fan base, Lacura offers the ingredients and technology used in much higher end products, but at a fraction of the price.

Unlucky for me, I missed out on their Caviar range last month, which was tipped to be a good match for the La Prairie caviar face cream – but costing only £6.99 per 50 ml instead of La Prairies £292 per 50ml.Wowzers.

After spotting the Hyaluronic acid products in their special buys this month, I decided to give the Hyaluronic activator a go. It claims to stimulates the skins own production of Hyaluronic acid, which is known to allow the skin to retain much more moisture to reduce the look of fine lines and ageing. The other ingredients, including sea algae and ginger extract, give the skin a plumped up glow.


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