The Ultimate Pimple Punisher🎀


Hey everyone!!!image

I’m going to be talking about my holy grail spot treatment lotion which is the “Mario Badescu Drying Lotion”.This is a miracle jar for getting ride of pimples,like I would call it the ultimate pimple punisher.

How to use it?


So this glass container has 2 layers it starts as a clear liquid with pink sediment at the bottom.Do not shake the bottle.So when I first gave this to my sister she said there is something about the separation of the clear liquid and pink sediment that urged her to shake the bottle and then apply!But no please don’t shake the bottle doing that would just dilute the pink sediment.


You want to take the white bud of the Q tip dip it into the clear liquid going all the way to the bottom of the pink sediment and then when you pull it out…

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