August Empties

Makeup and Skin Care for Mature Skin

Every month I am convinced that I won’t finish anything all month long. And every month I finish a can full of different products. This month is no exception. I finished a ton of stuff and I’m going to give you my opinion of all of them.

20160830_204429.jpgSKIN CARE

Botanica Farm Rice Sheet Mask – This was a saturated sheet mask that had ample serum. The mask itself was a good size and fit my face well. My face did look brighter and more radiant after using this.

Malie Green Tea Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask – The polyphenol that is a kind catechi in green tea keeps your skin clean by soothing skin and giving astringent effect from blocking off harmful oxygen. I’m not really certain what it is promising to do. I think something was lost in translation from Korean to English. I ordered a 16 pack of assorted…

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