100% Cruelty-Free – Montagne Jeunesse Amore Rose Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Hi there! My quest to reduce my skin care stash led me to Montagne Jeunesse’s Amore Rose Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque. I got this mask as part of a mask duo (Mud Pac + Amore Rose for £1 at Poundland) not too long ago. And now I’ve finally tried it. So let me tell you more. 🙂

Amore Rose is a typical clay mask. You apply it, you let it dry (it takes about 15 to 20 minutes), and then you just wash it off with water. No surprises here. But keep reading!
Montagne Jeunesse Rose Amore
First of all, this face mask smells amazing. You can literally smell the roses whilst the mask dries on your face. Very fancy! And this mask made my skin feel and look much clearer and fresher than usual. I love it! And I’m glad I’ve got a few more Amore Rose masks in my stash…

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