Unboxing: Birchbox (France) September 2016

The Good Life Bunny

I’m really late to unbox this month’s Birchbox as I was actually away every few days on a few short holidays – and every time I was away, the postman decides to come with the mail; which consequently means that I have missed him every time he tried to deliver my boxes! The postman and I really need to sync up our schedules!

This month’s theme is “KISS – Keep It Simple, Smile”, and it includes a collaboration with Wear Lemonade. Birchbox France costs €13 a month, with free postage to the regular Relay Point; I paid an extra €2 to have it delivered to my door.

Item 1. Wear Lemonade Foulard Le mini Dalida

RRP: €20
Normally I would be slightly upset with a non-beauty item in my beauty box, but this is actually a really nice looking scarf so I’m somewhat appeased. The material is not the best…

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