Rice and Soya Solutions


I’ve not used up many products this week – just two! – but have loved them both, which is great news.

The TonyMoly Rice Face Mask Sheet isn’t one I wholly expected to enjoy, as I’ve been a bit on-the-fence about previous TonyMoly products, but this one is very good and I will definitely buy it again (I have one left to use) – assuming I can find it anywhere in the UK, as it’s out of stock, groan. It feels lovely on the skin, it’s very soothing and my face looked better afterwards for quite a while, so I was very pleased indeed.

I’ve been taking one a day of the Femarelle tablets – a soya-based product for menopausal women and it definitely makes the hot flushes go away fast. I’m HUGELY against HRT for all sorts of decent personal health reasons (no, don’t ask!!) so this is a wonderful alternative. They’re not cheap at £20.85 for 56 tablets, but worth their weight in gold. I’ve already restocked, naturally.

Also this week, I’ve been to the dentist to get a cracked filling sorted – yes, I managed to grind my teeth SO HARD that I cracked my own tooth and the filling fell out, making the whole thing hurt like hell. Yuk – and ouch! Just call me Jaws Brooke, eh …!! Anyway, the dentist was wonderful and the filling is now sorted out, and so the pain has gone, hurrah! I got told off for not wearing my mouthguard every night (I’ve been lax about this lately, as it’s a bit of a bore …) and I am now newly converted to having to wear it. Honestly, and a word to the wise – you really DON’T care about beauty issues when you have toothache – so make sure regular dental visits are part of your beauty regime today! Plus always do what the dentist tells you – and your mouth will remain as beautiful as you are!

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4 thoughts on “Rice and Soya Solutions

  1. Mrs Strawberry Blonde November 6, 2016 / 6:47 pm

    The mask sounds lovely – and the tablets sound great too. I hope they continue to work and they keep the unpleasant side effects of menopausing (is this a word?) under control.

    Sorry to hear about your tooth. But I’m glad you got it sorted quickly. I agree, dental health is so important, and it’s sad so many people seem to neglect it. Healthy teeth = a beautiful smile.

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    • annebrooke November 6, 2016 / 6:49 pm

      If menopausing isn’t a word already, Mrs SB, it so should be – I love it!! And what lovely teeth we all have, of course! 🙂 🙂 xxx

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      • Mrs Strawberry Blonde November 6, 2016 / 7:06 pm


        My teeth are a bit of an issue. They’re not the whitest. And I have sooo many fillings. I think I had 15 by the time I was 15. Then I didn’t have any issues for about 15 years, and for the past 5 years I had to have quite a few things done – including root canal treatment… but it was OK. I went private, the entire thing was 100% pain-free, I even fell asleep (but just for a few seconds, I swear) during one of the treatments. Anyhoo, root canal… the drills… the SOUNDS they make… even if you’re numbed up, it sounds scary. And sick. Plain sick.

        Unfortunately my teeth also stain easily. I’ve given up on Coke (the drink!!!), so that helped, and I’m no longer drinking tea (it was a habit, I never really liked tea) which also helped. But I think I still need to go in for a proper hygiene (with the dentist) before Christmas. I envy my friend Jo – she has wonderfully white teeth and staining doesn’t seem to be an issue for her at all even though she smokes like a chimney… lucky lady!

        Ah well, I just keep brushing and flossing… and seeing my dentist every couple of months.


  2. annebrooke November 6, 2016 / 7:09 pm

    Teeth can be a nightmare, that’s so true, Mrs SB – I do always go to the hygienist at the same time as the dentist these days and she’s just amazing. I also use whitening toothpaste – Pronamel Sensitive whitening and the Colgate whitening one too – and that has actually got rid of the stain I’ve always had on my front teeth – just brilliant! Can recommend it for sure xxx


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