Never Again! The Ultimate Beauty Duds – Part 2

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Superdrug Simply Pure TonerHi there! It’s been a while since Part 1 of The Ultimate Beauty Duds, but since I’ve encountered more than just a few products that didn’t do anything for me, I thought I should do another Top 10 of binworthy products.

Fortunately the majority of the products I buy turn out to be decent, so I don’t have much reason to complain. But let me tell you about the stuff I hate(d) anyway. 🙂

10 Superdrug Simply Pure Refreshing Toner For Sensitive Skin

I think this toner is just awful. It didn’t feel effective, it wasn’t effective, and it gave my face an unpleasant tingling sensation. As someone who had to deal with persistent angioedemas in the past, I take stinging and tingling sensations on my face seriously.

OK, my skin didn’t break out, but I wouldn’t let this toner anywhere near my face again. I’m currently using this…

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