October 2016 favorites 🎃


🌻Well that was fast!

What did I do this October. Hmm, my husband celebrated his 31st birthday🍰 (oops, I’m sorry honey! 😂). Renewed my private license (💉nursing stuff). 🎶Band Practice. Breakouts. And more breakouts. Seriously though, I’ve been really stressed out with all of these breakouts happening on my face mainly on my chin! I don’t even know what’s wrong.But anyways, (breathe in breathe out) With all the products I bought and tried I think it’s slowly subsiding. Fingers crossed..

Enough with the rants. Here are my favorites for the month of October.

  • Octopus Tripod. 🐙I always wanted to try vlogging but I always feel awkward and speechless everytime I’m in front of the camera. So, for a start I bought this tripod to push myself just a little bit more. 😂
  • Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. My current favorite mask! I’m getting addicted to Lush products. Please…

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