My Hopes for Makeup Trends 2017

Beauty over Forty

Everything goes in and out of fashion, sometimes, we can get an inkling that a trend may be on the “wrong side of fashion history”, sometimes we’re pretty sure the trend is timeless. Here are my thoughts on current and potential future beauty trends I would like to see either continue, grow or fade out.

Things I would like to see continue, or more of:

  1. More natural looking feather light transfer proof foundations. I have really appreciated the developments made in foundation over the last few years, it is now possible to have a great “your skin but better look” or even a camouflage effect whilst wearing an extremely light non-greasy base.
  2. Good contouring. I appreciate good contouring and wish to see this trend continue. Do well it can do amazing things for your face, I have seen whole double chins disappear through shade.
  3. I also appreciate really good…

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