One day, two mascaras, same effect, two very different experiences

Beauty over Forty

Woah that’s a long post title, but it’s pretty accurate.

I test a lot of mascara’s, I don’t write about a lot of mascara tests. That’s what I do not to bore you ;). Today was a test with a bit of a difference. I am an Urban Decay fan. I love their eye shadows, I love their name. I am just a fan-girl. Unsurprising that I should test their urbandecayperversion“Perversion” Mascara. The website boasts volume and lengthening. What I got what very moderate volume, but good lengthening and a really nice natural look, one that actually made me look like I had phenomenal natural lashes and wasn’t wearing anything at all. A great win! And off I went to work..

Unfortunately, very short after application my eyes began a very slight burning. That burning you get when you are just slightly allergic to something. Long story short…

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