Sisley: The most Beautiful Lipsticks nobody is talking about…

Beauty over Forty

When you see pictures of my lips you are used to seeing something like this:


But, with the right lipstick I could be showing you guys something like this:


sisley-lippen-phyto_lip_shineThe lipstick I am wearing here is: Sisley ‘Phyto-Lip’ Shine in the shade 07 “Peach”. The finish is semi transparent and shiny, almost metallic. In any case it has a luminous sheen in it. The reason this looks so much better on my lips is: that sheer luminous colors will always look better on lips with fine lines, plus the lipstick contains plumping polymers. Not the lip plumper burning type thing many of us have tried, no tingle with this whatsoever, the polymers just seep into your lips making the lines somewhat plumped. The application is smooth and in wearing it is intensely hydrating, containing kokum and mango butter. The color lasts around 3 hours, with the hydrating feel lasting…

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