Handcream and hairspray


Quite an okay week, beauty product-wise.

The E45 Cream is an absolute necessity of my collection. Clinically proven to treat and soothe dry, itching, flaking, chapped, rough and calloused skin; non-greasy emollient formulation is quickly absorbed by your skin; recommended for more serious dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, ichthyosis etc; dermatologically tested and perfume-free. It does the trick for me, and really soothes and smooths my chest and upper back areas. I wouldn’t be without it now and have already ordered a back-up. You can find it at Amazon for £4.09 for 350g. Perfect!

Silvikrin Classic Firm Hold hairspray is very reliable too. Lets you shape with double the volume*, without a sticky feel (*vs untreated hair); Extra Strong Lightweight hair spray; slow drying hair spray allows you to work in your style while being easy to comb out; workable volume that lasts all day; helps to provide UV protection. This one is a good balance between getting a decent hold and looking natural so I really rate it. I’m going to try other hairsprays now I’ve used this up, but I suspect I’m going to come back to this one at some stage. You can get it at Sainsbury’s for £3 for 400ml, so a pretty good bargain.

I’ve been loving the Carmex Vanilla Lip BalmDiscover how this ultra smooth, extra moisturising balm makes your lips feel incredible. The Carmex Ultra Moisturising formula provides superior, enhanced hydration and makes even the driest lips soft and suppler again. This fun, creamy flavour is unlike anything you have tried from Carmex before. Our exotic Vanilla flavour soothes and calms your senses while the SPF 15 helps protect your lips. For over 75 years the Woelbing family has been making Carmex Lip Balm. Tested on family members – not animals. It Soothes. It Moisturises. It Protects. Ha ha! I love the concept of this being tested on family members rather than animals, though I hope the family members had a say in the matter, LOL! The vanilla taste is scrummy and it’s a very moisturising balm so I shall definitely be purchasing this one again, once I’ve got through the six million lip balms I actually own! Do you think I need help? Answers on a lip salve, please … Anyway, Boots sell this balm for £3.25 for 4.25g, and it’s a winner as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve raved about the Neutrogena Concentrated Unscented Hand Cream before and I will rave again now. Instant relief of dry, chapped hands – Just a dab need; immediate and lasting relief for even the most dry hands. Just a dab of this glycerin-enriched formula instantly relieves and protects seriously or chapped hands. Even under the harshest conditions, it leaves hands noticeably softer & smoother. Concentrated for over 200 applications. Honestly, it’s the only hand cream that stops my hands from going rough and raw in cold weather, and as the UK knows nothing else but cold weather, it’s a must for me! It’s absolutely true that it lasts an age as you only need a tiny bit. Wonderful! You can get it at Boots for £2.77 for 50ml, as they are currently having a 25% discount on Neutrogena products, hurrah!

Finally, this week, I always put a few drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil in the bath as it’s great for health and definitely helps my breathing issues. Fortifying, warming and penetrating; woody spicy aroma to rejuvenate body and mind; free from artificial fragrances and parabens; not tested on animals. I love it – it helps clear my head as well and it goes very well with any other oil too so you can easily mix and match. You can find it at Amazon for £7.60 for 9ml, and it lasts a while as you only need a few drops.

Have a fabulous beauty week!

Anne Brooke Books


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