Three Face Masks and a Handwash


Have had a great time this week trying things out. I picked up three Montaigne Jeunesse face masks up for only £1 each at Sainsbury’s last week, and I’ve also just finished my lovely bottle of Carex Love Hearts Handwash.

The face masks were fabulous on the whole, and I shall definitely be getting more of them! At only £1 per go, it’s a real bargain, and I think you can probably get 2 uses out of them even though the packet is only supposed to be for one use. There’s just loads in it so next time I’m going to make it last for two masks – I hate waste!

Anyway, my total favourite was the Creamy Coconut one as it was so soft and gentle on the face and it made my skin feel amazing. The Blemish Mud was also good, and a very close second – no drying feeling at all. The third one – the Argan Oil mud – was the one I was looking forward to most, as I love Argan Oil, but it was actually the most drying of the three, and though it didn’t do anything negative to my skin, it’s not one I’d buy again. But I love the whole Montaigne Jeunesse range and I shall be buying more.

Of course, you can’t really go wrong with a Carex fun handwash and this one’s a real winner. It actually does smell of those wonderful Love Hearts we all used to eat when younger – or I did anyway! – it lasts for a while on your hands. I’ll pick up another when I’m next in Sainsbury’s for sure.

All best!

Anne Brooke


Bathtime fun: Carex Complete Chocolate Orange Fun Edition


I thought it was about time to have some fun with my new skincare regime, and this caught my eye when I was in the Guildford Tesco stores yesterday. It’s meant to be for children, but hey middle-aged women can be fun-loving too! And we probably need to have more jolliness in our lives than they do anyway, LOL.

I’ve always had a soft spot for chocolate orange and I have to say the smell is totally AMAZING – it really does smell as if you’ve just unwrapped a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and are about to taste that first gorgeous segment. Okay, the fragrance doesn’t last long on your hands, but it’s been brightening up my day for a few moments each time I use it and that can’t be bad. Also, if you need a fix, you can just sniff the dispenser and still get that essential smile!

My only issue is: please could they bring out a chocolate mint one too?…

Anne Brooke