Three Masks and a Foundation

I was lucky enough recently to pick up a voucher online for 3 sample Body Shop face masks, so I popped into town one lunchtime last week to pick them up. I was a bit worried that it might not work somehow, but the lady in the Guildford shop was lovely and picked the three samples out for me. I had to sign up (for free) for a Body Shop card, but that’s okay as I do shop there now and again, and anyway apparently I get a £5 voucher on my birthday for having a loyalty card, so that’s something to look forward to.

The samples I was given were British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask, Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask and Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. All of these are available for £15 per 75ml.

Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

I had high hopes for the British Rose one, and it smells very nice as well as feeling good on the skin. But I’m not convinced I gained any plumping benefit afterwards – or at least not enough to last or to notice. The Ethiopian Honey mask was the one I was most looking forward to as I LOVE honey and always have a teaspoon of honey every night as I think it staves off colds and is one more defence against the dreaded hay fever. This one felt totally gorgeous on the skin and smells amazing, but again I’m not sure my skin was very nourished afterwards – though I accept that may have had something to do with finding a large spider in the bath (double yuk!!) while I had the mask on and getting my long-suffering husband to deal with it (the spider, not the mask …).

Last but not least was the Himalayan Charcoal mask – I wasn’t really looking forward to this one which is why I left it to the end, but actually it’s okay – though you do end up with tea leaves stuck to your face so must hope that nobody comes to visit you! Weirdly this is the one I would choose of all three of them if I absolutely had to – but the exfoliant ingredients worry me as I believe they damage the face.

So, whilst this was a pleasant experience (apart from the spider, LOL), I won’t be purchasing any of them in their full sizes, especially as I think they’re expensive for what you get, but you might well enjoy trying them out.

On that lunchtime trip to town, I also went into Boots to have my No 7 Match Made foundation skin tone analysis, as I thought it would be interesting to do, to see what they said. It didn’t take long and the lady I saw was really lovely and helpful. She picked up on my problem skin very quickly – and acknowledged it would difficult (as I thought) to match me with a perfect foundation as I am menopausal (and therefore my skin dries out foundation really quickly) and also I suffer from spots and blemishes (and therefore need a full coverage, ideally). Sadly, there’s not a foundation around (as far as the lady and I know) which will give me the coverage I need without caking – but the best she could do was No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Cool Vanilla – which is lighter than the ivory tones I usually go for but actually suited me better as I’m horrendously pale!

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation Cool Vanilla

The other fun news – which made me feel fantastic! – is that while I was having my skin analysis, the lady said how much she loved my nail polish and asked what it was. Result – I’m finally a Real Girl, LOL!!! Nobody’s EVER asked me this sort of thing before so I must be doing something right. Anyway, it’s Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Mauve Along polish, with a top coat of Rimmel Glitter Finishing Touch, in case you’re curious!

So, I’ve tried this foundation a couple of times during the week, and certainly miss the amount of coverage I usually rely on. That said, I can build it up a little, but I’m not sure that’s enough to make me feel comfortable. On the other hand, it’s been brilliant at not caking during the day so definitely has some staying power. It’s £14.50 at Boots.

While I’m not likely to repurchase this foundation, I will use it on non-work days or days when I feel more confident in my skin. So the search for the perfect foundation continues but it’s been a fun-filled experimental week!

Anne Brooke




GOSH BB Powder and a Nectar Surprise!

GOSH BB powder

I popped this one into my shopping basket at Superdrug, from memory, as I was fascinated by the concept of a BB powder. I couldn’t wait to try it so took it to work all last week in place of my usual pressed powder. Sadly, it doesn’t do the trick for me – I need a fair amount of coverage and this ain’t it, so it’s a disappointment really. However, those of you with perfect skin and absolutely no shine might like it!

On the plus side, I was shopping in Sainsbury’s yesterday and treated myself to a few beauty goodies. When I got to the checkout I found that I have so many points on my lovely Nectar card (how did that happen?!?) that I could have £40-worth of stuff free, so I only had to pay £2.50 for my whole shop. Honestly, that made my day, and as I still have lots of points left, I shall definitely be buying more make-up and beauty products in Sainsbury’s in the future!

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Skin Failures: Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation

Bobbi Brown

I’m sorry to say that this Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation doesn’t work for me – which is really a shame as I was very excited about it as it’s light enough for my skin tone, which is quite rare. As a redhead, I’m Vampire-Pale! Anyway, the moisture part of it is brilliant as it doesn’t dry out my skin, but the big problem for me is that the coverage is way too light, so you can still see my spots.

As a result, I think I’ll only use it when I’m sure not to see anyone or if I’m feeling super-confident and my skin is under control. So, yes, it’s great for older women who don’t need much coverage, but that doesn’t include me, oh well.

Anne Brooke

Skin Solutions: Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation

Whipped Creme

I bought Max Factor Whipped Creme foundation as I was desperate to leave the matte foundation I’ve used for years – and my menopausal skin was crying out for help! This is really very good indeed and the favourite of the new foundations I’ve tried so far. It feels very smooth and moisturising and doesn’t dry out or cake in lines during the day. It also covers my Old Woman Spots(!) very well, hurrah. It’s a shame the pot is so small (18ml) but a little goes a long way, and I will definitely be buying it again soon.

At the moment I have it in Warm Almond, but this is a tad too dark for me, though not noticeably so, but I’ll try a lighter version next time. I bought mine at Boots online.

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