Hot tip: Femarelle and Menapol Plus

hot flushes

I’ve been having hot flushes for a while now – I think they call them hot flashes in the US, which explains the cartoon! At the beginning – some months ago – they lasted for quite a while, but when I started taking Femarelle from Holland & Barrett health shop, it cut the time they lasted right back down, which is brilliant.

Recently, however, the hot flushes have been coming more frequently, and a friend on Facebook suggested that I try Menapol Plus from Simply Supplements UK – these have soya (as Femarelle does) but also include red clover, liquorice extract, dandelion root, acai berry, camomile, cranberry extract and ginseng – so the combination might be better for me.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anne Brooke


TV Flushes

hot flush window

This week my hot flushes have been so hot that I’ve had to stand outside when watching TV, LOL! Mind you, the above cartoon is true too, and I’ve had to sleep with no covers and the windows open for a good few nights.