Hay fever blues

Watery eyed woman hodling facial tissue box.
Watery eyed woman holding facial tissue box.

A slightly different post today now that summer is on its way as I want to talk about the dreaded hay fever. Strangely I never suffered from this until I was in my mid-30s, when it suddenly came upon me in the form of snuffles and sneezing – which I’m quite used to anyway, being rather susceptible to colds!

That’s all very well, but this year, at the age of 52, the hay fever season has suddenly decided to change its strategy completely, and has gone directly and nastily to my eyes. Honestly, this week and this weekend I’ve sometimes hardly been able to see at all! My eyes are scratchy, sore and very, very red, and believe me it’s all most unpleasant.

I don’t know if it’s my age and a result of the menopause that it’s suddenly changed, or if it’s because the grass seed this year is super-powered, but here are some remedies that are currently helping me:

  1. Antihistamines – I take these anyway for my allergies. I prefer Loratadine but there are all sorts of options, which you can pick up at your local pharmacy.
  2. Eye mist/eye drops – as I really HATE eyedrops, I’m using Murine Eye Mist which you can spray onto closed eyelids while you blink a bit – and it definitely helps.
  3. Camomile tea bags – you don’t need to drink them if you don’t want to! I get a couple, soak them in cold water and then lie down with them on my eyelids for half an hour. It really works. You can keep them and reuse them too for the next time you need them, which is brilliant (though probably not for drinking, LOL!).
  4. Sunglasses – I wear my normal pair indoors (yes, even in church today which caused much amusement!), and it’s very soothing indeed.
  5. Wrap-round sunglasses – use these if you go outside as it stops the pesky pollen getting to your eyes. Plus you look like a film star which is always nice!
  6. Timing – if you can, avoid going outside in the heat of the day when the pollen is worst. Evenings are the best time to venture out and these days they are just as enjoyable as the mornings or afternoons.
  7. Windows and curtains – it helps to close these if you can bear it.
  8. Computer screen – turn this down to the lowest level of brightness and it really makes a difference.
  9. Eye make up – I’m avoiding this at the moment, while my eyes try to sort themselves out. I’m having fun with skin care and lipstick instead!

And if anyone has any other tips, please do let me know. Thank you!

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Frog Prince Lipstick Queen

Frog Prince Lipstick Queen

This unusual lipstick was one of my Christmas presents from my lovely husband who bought it from Space NK for me – what a superhero! It’s actually quite fun – it’s supposed to turn to the perfect shade of pink for your skin tone on application so you’re ready to go without any fuss. Being a woman who hates fuss with a vengeance, this sounded perfect for me. It certainly turns pink when you put it on, but I would say that on me it’s darker than I expected as when I use lipstick I tend to go for paler colours as I’m very fair-skinned.

However, once I’d got used to it, I actually do quite like it – though I would tend to wear it in the evenings and not in the daytime. Still it’s a fun concept – and a definite choice for a special gift as Space NK is never cheap, though the quality is good!

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