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Products to Buy Again


Silvikrin Classic Hairspray is just a no-brainer for me and I’ve used it for quite a while. It keeps my hair in place, it’s not sticky and the smell isn’t overpowering. What’s not to like? You can get it at Boots for £3.14 for 400ml, but they’re running a 2 for £5 offer on Silvikrin at the moment so a good time to stock up.

When I first bought the Avene Eau Thermale Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion, I liked it for a bit, then I decided I didn’t like it, and now I love it again. Phew! The rollercoaster ride of the Brooke World of Beauty, eh? It’s ideal for hypersensitive and irritable skin, and it feels lovely on the face and makes everything a lot smoother, so I will definitely be restocking at some point. I think the period I went off it was the time when my skin was just dreadful and I needed other products to kick my spots into touch – but for when your skin is okay this product is great! You can get it for £10.50 for 200ml at Boots.

The Aromatherapy Associates Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil turned up in a sample package I bought, and the smell is utterly GORGEOUS. Rich and floral and sophisticated, and just wonderful to add to your bath. The main ingredients are rose, geranium and frankincense which are all fabulous. It’s £45 for 55ml, so a definite treat for when you’re feeling very flush indeed!

Products I Won’t Buy Again


The Elizabeth Arden Skin Renewal Booster was another sample product and I really don’t like it. It just feels too watery and the smell is like old washing up water. It didn’t do anything for my face either, so I’m giving it a miss. It’s £45 for 30ml at Boots, but they’re doing a 3-for-2 offer on selected Elizabeth Arden at the moment, so you might want to give it a go. Everyone else seems to like it, but not me.

I’ve finally finished up my supply of La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Masques and I’ve not got anything much from them, so won’t be buying these. Boots are selling the full-sized product for £12 for 50ml, which is down from the usual £16 as there’s a 25% offer on La Roche-Posay products. You might like it better than I did!

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Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Shower Cream

M&S Floral Collection

My mother kindly bought me this shower cream pack from Marks & Spencer for Easter and I’ve had great fun trying them all out. I find I can always rely on M&S bath products and this is on the whole no exception. The pack, which only costs £6 (bargain!!), includes shower creams in magnolia, honeysuckle, rose, lavender and lily of the valley. Weirdly, you get two packs of the magnolia one which I think is a bit of a swizz as surely they could have added another English flower to the mix, e.g. bluebell or lemon balm?

Anyway, niggles like this aside, here’s what I think of them all:

Magnolia: I don’t think magnolia actually has a smell (at least ours doesn’t …) but what does it matter? This is a lovely balmy scent that reminds me of early summer afternoons in the garden.

Honeysuckle: this one is spicy and rich, and ideal for easing you into your morning. Somehow, it’s a very happy smell.

Rose: needs no introduction, but this is one of the best rose shower creams I’ve found, as sometimes they can be rather too light and with a bit of a forced perfume. No such issues here! I love this one and would buy it again.

Lavender: sadly, this is something of a disappointment, as I LOVE lavender and was therefore looking forward to using it. However, it just feels thin and the scent isn’t up to very much. I can’t recommend it – and I don’t remember saying that about anything lavender before …

Lily of the valley: this packed a punch – all spicy and zippy with that glorious scent of a perfect English spring morning! My favourite of the collection, and it put a smile on my face all day. This one is so definitely going on my Buy Again list!

All in all, this is a fun collection for you to add to your bathroom and should get you through the summer with a zing!

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